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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

It’s the kind of movie that makes you ask, “What does it all mean?” You’ll have to sit down after seeing the movie and reflect what the movie is all about.

The Holocaust was tragic and we will never, ever comprehend the immense pain and suffering that the victims have gone through. This movie, however, gave us a 0.001% chance to feel what it felt like to be in their situation. It is true when they say that the best way to develop empathy is standing in someone’s shoes and that we only care and take action when something is directly affecting our lives.

Weekend at Mhel’s Condo

Whenever I visit Mhel’s condo, the first three things I check are her sink, the fridge, and her bathroom. As usual, when I arrived this weekend, the soiled dishes are piled up on the sink, her freezer badly needs defrosting because there was already 6 inches of in it, and her bathroom was in its regular filthy state. Haha.

My sister is the true definition of a modern woman… and by modern I mean she cannot cook, she’s bad in house work and a workaholic.

I stroke up a deal with her. I’ll wash her dishes and defrost her freezer if she treats me for a movie. Of course, she took my offer. She even paid for our dinner. But this Sunday, while cleaning our her freezer, trying to remove glacier-size ice stuck to its sides, I was asking myself if one movie is worth it. Haha. I finished it in half and hour and I was shocked with the amount of ice I was able to pry off from the fridge. She needs to defrost her fridge more. The instructions inside clearly says that she needs to do it at least twice a week. She has been ignoring it and her fridge had been in that sorry state since last year. Haha.

Oh well. It’s 11am now on a Sunday and I need to wake her up so we can watch the final installment of the Divergent series — ‘Allegiant.’

Les Miserables Manila

So this Saturday, we went to see the musical play ‘Les Miserables’ at The Theatre in Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila.


We got the cheapest seats but Solaire’s theater has a well thought out seating design that, even at our area on the balcony, we could still clearly see and appreciate what’s happening on stage, unlike the time we watched ‘Wicked’ in CCP, where we couldn’t fully see the back of the stage and our view was obstructed by a big set piece.

Going back to Les Mis. The show we saw had all the primary cast, including Rachel Ann Go.


Of course, she was amazing. Her singing voice is still not 100% broadway material since there were moments when we clearly heard her sing like a popstar, but her performance was amazing. She had one of the best vocals among the female casts and her singing has improved since she transferred to Les Mis from Miss Saigon.

As expected, the musical play is not really family-friendly since there were some scenes not suitable for children below 12 years old like their penile references. They were funny but I’m not sure it’s a play for kids in their formidable years should see. And the story was quite boring, too. It took me 3 months to finish watching the movie adaptation of Les Mis because I always fell asleep while watching it at home. But the story needs a little more energy and humor to pick the pace up.

Would I recommend it? Of course! It’s a broadway classic with an impeccable story line and catchy songs!

Stacie: My Dog Best Friend

When I checked Facebook’s “On This Day” app, I saw that today is Stacie’s 4th year death anniversary.

Stacie Labrado Dog Black

I honestly can’t remember much about her, but the two moments I will never forget were the I first and last time we saw each other. Stacie was a black Labrador pup given to us by one of our relatives when I was still in high school. I swear I can still remember feeling her claws digging deep into my skin when my dad pushed her into my chest when she first arrived as a cute, little puppy. The last time I saw her was when I was about to leave for my culinary class. She was out of shape and it was obvious that she’s already losing her battle with cancer. When I got home later that day, she has already left us. Our parents didn’t even bother to tell us that she has died already or even show us her lifeless body. I was glad that I was able to formally say my goodbyes to her a few weeks prior to that, during the time when she was in pain from her disease.

Stacie Dog Labrador


She is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. She was the perfect guard dog, barking at the top of her lungs when there are people at our gate. Some of my friends and classmates know her because she’s a constant presence at our house. I don’t even know the names of any of my friends’ pets. Haha.

I remember getting into a fight when I was still young. I didn’t get beat up because she scared off my assailant. That’s definitely one memory of her I wish to keep all my life — how this loving dog protected me with her life.

Stacie Labrador Black

Thank you so much, Stacie, for being a part of my childhood… of our lives. We will never forget you. I love you, Stacie!

P.S. I will never forget that Stacie loved cooked pasta… and bread. In fact, she has this gluttonous and uncanny talent of catching bread thrown at her. Let this video show you what I mean:

Day 04: Write About Someone Who Inspires You

For Day 04 of my 30-Day Writing Challenge, I was asked to Write About Someone Who Inspires You. It didn’t even take me 5 seconds to think of that one person. Of course, my biggest inspiration is my Nanay (mom). It’s always been her.

Nanay and Ken

My mother was adopted by a couple who had a hard time conceiving their own child. My grandparents were rich, and you could even say that my mother was extremely lucky to land a family like that. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. You would think that that kind of upbringing would spoil her and make her a terrible mother.

She married my dad, who came from a humble family. My mom moved out of her parents’ house when she got pregnant with my sister. She and my dad led a simple life. In stories like these, you would expect that they guy would do everything in his power to provide for his family, but nope, this story doesn’t go that way. My dad was/is lazy as fuck. He stopped working when he got into an accident that made him blind in one eye. Since then he has stopped working. For the 28 years I’ve been alive, I have never seen him work to provide for our family.

My mother did everything by herself. She stood both as our mother and our father. She has successfully sent my sister and I into private primary and secondary schools. She got us into college, and she was able to finance my costly culinary education.

She is my inspiration to become successful in life. I wanted to make sure I can repay her for everything she has done for me and my sister. I may have lost my way recently, but I know deep inside my heart that I’m meant to do great things. Things that would surely make my mother proud!