Weekend at Mhel’s Condo

Whenever I visit Mhel’s condo, the first three things I check are her sink, the fridge, and her bathroom. As usual, when I arrived this weekend, the soiled dishes are piled up on the sink, her freezer badly needs defrosting because there was already 6 inches of in it, and her bathroom was in its regular filthy state. Haha.

My sister is the true definition of a modern woman… and by modern I mean she cannot cook, she’s bad in house work and a workaholic.

I stroke up a deal with her. I’ll wash her dishes and defrost her freezer if she treats me for a movie. Of course, she took my offer. She even paid for our dinner. But this Sunday, while cleaning our her freezer, trying to remove glacier-size ice stuck to its sides, I was asking myself if one movie is worth it. Haha. I finished it in half and hour and I was shocked with the amount of ice I was able to pry off from the fridge. She needs to defrost her fridge more. The instructions inside clearly says that she needs to do it at least twice a week. She has been ignoring it and her fridge had been in that sorry state since last year. Haha.

Oh well. It’s 11am now on a Sunday and I need to wake her up so we can watch the final installment of the Divergent series — ‘Allegiant.’

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  1. blankpixels
    March 22, 2016 | 2:32 am

    EXCUSE ME! *finger waving* Let me correct some of your false statements here. 😀

    #1: I CAN cook. I’m just lazy and I’ve got too much work to do. Hahaha

    #2: The freezer situation wasn’t from last year, but before our Boracay trip this March.

    Napa-blog ka talaga about this?! Hahahaha 😀


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