Stacie: My Dog Best Friend

When I checked Facebook’s “On This Day” app, I saw that today is Stacie’s 4th year death anniversary.

Stacie Labrado Dog Black

I honestly can’t remember much about her, but the two moments I will never forget were the I first and last time we saw each other. Stacie was a black Labrador pup given to us by one of our relatives when I was still in high school. I swear I can still remember feeling her claws digging deep into my skin when my dad pushed her into my chest when she first arrived as a cute, little puppy. The last time I saw her was when I was about to leave for my culinary class. She was out of shape and it was obvious that she’s already losing her battle with cancer. When I got home later that day, she has already left us. Our parents didn’t even bother to tell us that she has died already or even show us her lifeless body. I was glad that I was able to formally say my goodbyes to her a few weeks prior to that, during the time when she was in pain from her disease.

Stacie Dog Labrador


She is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. She was the perfect guard dog, barking at the top of her lungs when there are people at our gate. Some of my friends and classmates know her because she’s a constant presence at our house. I don’t even know the names of any of my friends’ pets. Haha.

I remember getting into a fight when I was still young. I didn’t get beat up because she scared off my assailant. That’s definitely one memory of her I wish to keep all my life — how this loving dog protected me with her life.

Stacie Labrador Black

Thank you so much, Stacie, for being a part of my childhood… of our lives. We will never forget you. I love you, Stacie!

P.S. I will never forget that Stacie loved cooked pasta… and bread. In fact, she has this gluttonous and uncanny talent of catching bread thrown at her. Let this video show you what I mean:

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