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On Opinions and Social Media

Being a blogger, you become public property. Your thoughts and actions create an impact to people, and it becomes your responsibility to watch your words and to be wary of your actions.

Maintaining two blogs really helped me become a responsible social media user. I represent a brand and I must do all means to protect the image we have carefully established.

There are days when I really want to voice out my opinion about current affairs like politics and religion. I’ll be crafting my status on Facebook or Twitter, then when I’m about to click send, thoughts of the consequences and of people who I can offend come rushing in, and I just end up deleting my unpublished status and keeping everything to myself.

I hope people in my newsfeed learn to become responsible social media users. Some of them are not aware that they’re being insensitive, indifferent, offensive, and assholes with the things they post. Some even learn this the hard way like the victims of cyber-bullying.


Social Media Use

We’ve witnessed a lot of this happening on Facebook. People who get offended by someone will share about it on their network, the rest will join the bandwagon,and the end result is a poor victim of cyber-bullying, who can’t do anything to undo all the damage that social media has caused.

It’s even crazier that people are easy to judge others wih their biased opinions without even doing some research or hearing out the other person’s side of the story.

There’s really no way we can educate people how to use social media responsibly. They just have to learn it by themselves the easy or the hard way. Remember: Think before you click!