Monthly Archives: January 2012

Food Presentation Day: Pan-Fried Tilapia and Potato au Gratin Sampler Plate

I don’t see myself as a creative person. Don’t get me wrong; I do appreciate the arts, but I don’t think I have enough creativity to come up with my own work of art. But during our food presentation day for our culinary laboratory activity, I made something that changed my mind. I’m creative, not on paper, but on plates. I’m so happy with what I have achieved. And to top that all, I came home with the highest grade for that day. People don’t believe me when I say I wasn’t able to prepare for that day. I was busy writing an article for our food blog the night before so I had no time to practice, nor to come up with a good plating idea. I just browsed the net and looked for food presentations that I could remake at school. That’s what I did, but I had to change most of the components since the ingredients are unavailable at school.

Moving forward. I have a newly found respect for myself because of this activity. We are all creative in our own ways. All we have to do is find the proper medium for our talents. Fortunately, I have found mine and it’s a plate.