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Day 09 of 30-Day Song Challenge: A Song That You Can Dance To

I make it a point to view my note about the “30-Day Song Challenge” on my BlackBerry one day at a time, so every single day would be a surprise. But among the 9 days I’ve been doing this challenge, this day is by far my favorite. And upon reading today’s task of “A Song That You Can Dance To,” surely I have only one answer to that – “I Am The Best” by 2NE1!

This is 2NE1’s latest hit song that has won numerous awards around the Southeast. They even released a Japanese and English versions of the song to reach a broader fan-base.


I love their dance step. It’s really simple if you really analyze it, but throw in that fabulously bass-abundant music, then you’re rocking the dance floor! This gets me up in the morning. And when I’m commuting on my way to school, I can’t help but move my hips and shoulders a bit as I listen to the song on my phone.


And here’s their official music video. Watch how simple their dance steps are. I love it!

Day 08 of 30-Day Song Challenge: A Song You Know All The Words To

I would say I’m more of a “music guy” than a “lyrics person.” The music is like the soul that sets up the overall mood of a song. It’s the first thing that I notice whenever I hear a new song being played on the radio. And this is probably the reason why I have this quirky appreciation of Korean Pop Songs (K-Pop). Some people don’t understand why I fancy foreign songs since I can’t comprehend even a single word of it. I just tell them, “Music is the universal language. You need not to understand it. You just have to feel it.”

Well my point is, I had a hard time deciding which song I can put down as “A Song You Know All The Words To.” There are but a few songs that I know every single word to the lyrics, which means I really like them that much because I even bothered memorizing the words.

Embarrassingly, the song that I know all the words of is “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” And I’m not talking about Steven Tyler’s version, but the pitchy and very homosexual rendition of Regine Velasquez.

Regine Velasquez - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing - KenAvenue.Com

Day 07 of 30-Day Song Challenge: A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

The song “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain always reminds me of the sad demise of my former high school adviser due to cervical cancer. It was quite an unusual song for a funeral, but during her wake when they played the song in a short presentation showing all the things she had done for the school, I was sobbing like a child over my friend’s ready shoulders. The lyrics were the exact words I had wanted to tell her, but never got the chance to do so.

In freshman year, I was elected president. She was our adviser. We had our differences. I was not able to meet her expectations. It saddens me that she passed away without us making peace with each other. I wanted to say sorry for my irresponsibility.

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Day 06 of 30-Day Song Challenge: A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

Katy Perry - Firework -

This day definitely goes to my girl, Katy Perry with her very inspiring song “Firework.”

Early this year, I embarked on a little job-hunting in Singapore. It was my FIRST time to go out of the Philippines ALONE, no family nor friend to keep me company. I was very scared and very nervous about everything, especially that moment when I came up in front an immigration officer.

I boarded the plane, shaking and all that, so I decided to put on my earphones and press play on my iPod. Like a little gift from God, the song “Firework” was the very first on the list. As the song played, all my worries went away, and from then I knew everything will be alright!

So every time I hear that song now, it always reminds me of the days when I was in Singapore. And it always reminds me that I can do whatever I want, as long as I commit to it. Thank God for Katy Perry!

Universal Studios, Singapore -

So that’s me happily skipping my way around Universal Studious in Singapore! Haha! Damn! I miss that place!

Day 05 of 30-Day Song Challenge: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone

I have tried with all my might not to post anything about my recent heartache. I even skimmed through a thousand songs on my iTunes library just to find one that reminds me of someone close, like a friend, to avoid treading down that depressing path of “what might have been…”

Moving forward, I think there’s no other song like “Don’t You Remember,” by Adele that jabs right through the heart with every beat and every word of its melody.

Adele - Don't You Remember -

This song reminds me of my very recent ex-boyfriend. We had a very tough long-distance relationship. And the saddest part is, we never really got to say goodbye to each other for he was in Singapore when we split up via WhatsApp and Facebook. Depressing, right? Well, that’s life.