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First Bloggers Blowout by Orange Magazine TV and Astroplus: Tech and Gadgets

Bloggers Blowout -

September 3, 2011 – Orange Magazine TV and Astroplus held their first collaborated event, the ‘Bloggers Blowout,’ at Astrovision, Greenbelt 5, Makati. The event was divided into three (3) niches: Music, Movies, and Tech/Gadget. I registered under the Tech category, because aside from being a good cook, I’m also a gadget freak at heart.

The event was hosted by Astroplus’ very own Ms. Katherine Choy and Mr. Jimmy Lim. Together, they cracked jokes and created a very fun and accommodating atmosphere in the room.

Moving forward, Astroplus has been known for housing the latest music and movies out in the market. And soon people grew a need for convenience and preferred stores who can provide more things that they want, a reason why Astroplus has transformed to the one-stop shop for entertainment that they are now. They currently sell a variety of things, from CDs and Blu-ray discs to earphones and DVD players.

During the Tech/Gadget portion of the event, participating brands took the stage and gave a short talk regarding the latest products that they sell at Astroplus, and they are the following:

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

I’ve always been good at cramming so here I am, writing my post on my chosen Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 on the last day of submission for the said writing project.

According to my sis Mhel and based on my observation, the past year has been the most momentous for bloggers like us. Many blogs emerged from being just a personal space on the web to truly inspiring written art.

And so we come to my list. I’ll be brief in my explanations as to why I chose them since their blog and their articles speak for themselves.

In no particular order, here are my chosen blogs…

1. Everyday Sweet Notes

We got to meet Smarla, the sweet, young lady between this wondrous food blog, already and I got the chance to get to know her more at the Fish & Co dinner and it’s no question she’s the most genuine blogger we’ve ever met. She loves food and baking as much as I do, which is someone we have in common. She has a way with words as she describes every dish she features on her blog, which makes her a very effective food blogger as she can truly make you crave for what she’s writing about.

2. Notepad Corner

The woman behind this blog happens to be a very close friend of my sister Mhel. I’ve only met her once, but it was like I’ve known her forever. Just like how she writes on her blog, she can draw you in with her quirky and straightforward communication style. And if you read her blog, you’d feel that everything she has shared all came genuinely from the bottom of her heart.

3. Blogger Manila

This blog is from Jonel of NomNom Club and Let’s Go Sago. I am voting for him since he truly is one of the influential bloggers to-date because of all the knowledge he’s been sharing with other bloggers, new or veterans, about being better online marketers.

4. blankPixels – The Geek Side

My sister Mhel has got to be the most helpful person you’d find when it comes to techie stuff. I may be the gadget freak at home, but she’s the go-to girl when it comes to computers, design and blogging. And so it’s just fitting that I include her geek blog in my influential blogs list as she finally found a place on the web to share her tutorials, tips and all that geeky topics she love talking about.

5. Certified Foodies

If you were running for the Senate and it’s your turn to vote, will you not cast one vote for yourself? Seriously.

Yes, this is one shameless plug of the food blog that I share with my sister, Mhel. I do believe our food blog is one of the emerging influential blogs the past year because of how much support we’ve received from fellow food lovers. And this blog has drawn us closer together.

We always describe this blog as a family affair because it is. Our food blog is not just a venue where we share our love and passion for food, baking and cooking, but also where we share and prove how strongly FOOD can bring people closer. It is indeed a perfect partner in every occasion, may it be a truly emotional moment of your life or your happiest day ever.

That’s about it for my emerging influential blogs for 2011. I know I’m supposed to nominate 10, but I’m ending this list at 5. I hope you also consider all these blogs, especially our food blog, when you cast your vote on this very last day of this writing project.

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Ken Avenue Pasko sa Agosto 2011 Giveaway Winner!

Mhel here again guest-posting on my bro’s blog to announce the winner of our Pasko sa Agosto giveaway.

The lucky winner will get this Yahoo! wall clock. Super cute!

Check out the Rafflecopter widget after the jump for the winner…