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HTC + Smart + Facebook = HTC ChaCha!

06 July 2011 – The secret is out! Top industry leaders in telecommunication, Smart Communications, Inc (Smart) and HTC Corporation (HTC), formed a solid partnership in bringing the most innovative set of smartphones to the Philippine market.

Smart and HTC Partnership -

Among the amazing line of smartphones this partnership has introduced, one phone promises to break the records in automobile and social media integration with its dedicated Facebook button – the HTC ChaCha.

HTC ChaCha - photo credit to

Launching of ‘SM Master Chefs’ in Celebration of SM Hypermarket’s 10th-Year Anniversary

SM Master Chefs - KenAvenue.comSM Hypermarket, to celebrate a decade of success in providing consistent and excellent quality of service to their consumers, has recently launched the ‘SM Master Chefs’ program.

Joined by nineteen (19) of Filipino kitchen staple master brands – Knorr, Nestle All-Purpose Cream, Unilever Food Solutions, Tabasco, Lee Kum Kee, Lady’s Choice, Maggie, Clara Ole, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, San Remo, McCormick, Bounty Fresh Chicken, CDO, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Magnolia Cheese Spread, Magnolia Purefresh, Magnolia All-Purpose Cream, and Magnolia Dari Creme – SM Hypermarket promises a 10th-year anniversary celebration that is set to make Pinoy culinary history.

‘SM Master Chefs’ is composed of three events – (1) a grand cooking marathon, (2) kitchen makeovers, and (3) a set of supersized cook-offs set in five different locations in the Philippines.

Gathering Up Strength To Admit That I’m…

There’s this one secret I have successfully kept to myself for three years until very recently. Just a month ago, I have shared my problem with my boyfriend, Jhay, but made him promise not to tell a single soul, especially my family.

He kept his promise. I think partly because he doesn’t have any idea of the gravity of the problem, and because it was something that I said out of anger when we once had a petty fight.

We never spoke about it again after I gave him a reassurance that it was something I can handle by myself.

I lied.

Every single day is a struggle. I constantly remind myself never succumb to its manipulative power. Most of the time I won, but during the few occasions that I lost, I have always felt helpless, like there’s no way I can rid it off my system ever.