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What’s Up, Magnolia Ice Cream?

Magnolia Frozen Delights - Ken Avenue

My sister and I were invited to Magnolia Ice Cream’s Bloggers’ Party last April 1st at San Miguel Corporation, Mandaluyong City. All the while, I thought the event was just for the market release of their new set of ice cream products, the Frozen Delights, but after a few words from Magnolia Ice Cream’s General Manager, Mayo Alcon, we found out that this event signaled the major comeback of Magnolia Ice Cream as an independent ice cream manufacturer in the Philippines.

It was all news for me because I had no idea that Magnolia was, at some point, sold to Nestle. And if you asked me, prior this event, to name the top 3 ice cream brands locally, Magnolia’s definitely one of them.

Okay. Done with my blabber. Let’s now move on to the more delicious part of the event – the presentation of Magnolia Ice Cream’s Frozen Delights!