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The Sorry State of My Acer Aspire X1200

Three years ago, my mom bought me a desktop computer as a reward for doing well in school. Our old PC broke and I haven’t been able to use a computer in months. Talk about living like a caveman! Haha.

We went to Gilmore. It’s a popular street in Manila with countless shops selling desktop computers, laptops, console games, and a lot more.

My sister, Mhel, who knows the nitty-gritty of computer brands and parts was currently in Cebu that time so we weren’t able to ask her for some help in picking out the right computer.

Since we arrived at Gilmore around 8:00PM, most of the shops were already closing, so my mom and I just bought the first PC the salesman handed us. A big mistake, since these guys would tell you to buy things that haven’t been selling well to the customers. For Php24,000, I got myself the Acer Aspire X1200 desktop computer. It’s a complete set, including the 15-inch LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, a small and useless set of speakers, and an AVR.

Acer Aspire X1200 -

For me it was already a good deal, but when my sister found out that I bought a set package, she was not happy. She said I might encounter some problems in the future. Like with the CPU, it’s very thin. It could cause the motherboard to overheat or something. And she was right. After a few months, my computer would automatically shut down when it’s too hot in my room, or it would just hang or get stuck while loading a big program like Adobe Photoshop.

And after three short years of using the PC, it looks like this now:

Acer Aspire X1200 (After 3 years) -

I had to remove the cover of the CPU and place an electric fan in front of it the whole time it’s being used it to prevent the motherboard from heating up. It’s such a hassle! There are times, even with the electric fan, the motherboard would still overheat. My computer would shut down and would not turn on until it has completely cooled down, which usually lasts from 30 minutes to more than 2 hours.

And just recently, the Power Button has stopped functioning. I had to remove the rubber flap that is covering the button to see what’s wrong inside. Something broke that’s fore sure, but I don’t know what. Thankfully I discovered the wire connected to the button.

Acer Aspire X1200 -

I took it out and placed it just outside the CPU. I just press that white thing to power my computer now. Gee! My computer’s such a mess.

So right now, I’m dying to save up some money to get a brand new computer. And next time I’ll make sure to take my sister with me so she could help me pick out a better PC… or so I could blame her if something goes wrong. ^_^

And I’m also calling out to Santa Claus. I’ve been good boy this whole year. I’ll be hanging a huge sock outside my door and I’ll be hoping that when I wake Christmas morning, I’ll find a brand new PC… or even just a Mac Pro would do.

Mac Pro -

BPI Introduces,, eCredit Card and My ePrepaid Card

November 8, 2011 – Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has proven they are a leader in innovation by launching four (4) new services that would forever change how people shop both online and offline.

New BPI Cards Website Website -

Gone are the days when one has no other option but visit the bank, wait in line, and fill up piles of paper work just to apply for a credit card. Now with the new BPI Cards website, getting your own credit card is just a few clicks away.

Can’t decide which credit card suits your needs best? Well, the website’s fascinating feature, the BPI Card Profiler, recommends you the right card by asking you a series of questions like, “Where will you use your credit card the most?,” “How much is your gross monthly income?,” or “Are you into online shopping?”

BPI Cards Profiler -

Live Blogging at BPI Cards Wonderworld

We are here at Seventh High, Bonifacio Highstreet for BPI Cards Wonderworld event! The night is young and too early to party. Look at that crowd all busy blogging using their gadgets in hopes of winning one of five Blackberry phones up for grabs!

Two Things I Really, Really Miss

There are two things that I really, really miss! First is the beach.

Bohol, Philippines -

My idea of a perfect life is me sitting on my foldable chair along the shores of my own beach house, basking under the sun while playing with my remote-controlled helicopter and sipping a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade.

Just imagining this gives me a very, very warm feeling of contentment. *Sigh*

Boracay, Philippines -

The second thing that I really, really miss is my hot beach bod!

The Beach and my Beach Bod -

I used to have nice set of six packs back when I was still a gym rat. People envied my abs. A lot of my straight guy friends often come up to me for advice. My secret is very simple – crunches. Do hundreds of them a day until it hurts. Seriously.

The Beach and my Beach Bod -

Now when I look in the mirror, I don’t see any abs. It’s hidden under a huge belly flab. I’ve gained a lot of weight since I started with culinary school. Who wouldn’t get fat with all those delicious food we’re cooking at school, right?

But yesterday I started dieting again in hopes that I could someday wear my swimming trunks once more. I’ve got a long way to go, but as I always say, “If I did it once, there’s no reason for me not to succeed the second time.”

Day 09 of 30-Day Song Challenge: A Song That You Can Dance To

I make it a point to view my note about the “30-Day Song Challenge” on my BlackBerry one day at a time, so every single day would be a surprise. But among the 9 days I’ve been doing this challenge, this day is by far my favorite. And upon reading today’s task of “A Song That You Can Dance To,” surely I have only one answer to that – “I Am The Best” by 2NE1!

This is 2NE1’s latest hit song that has won numerous awards around the Southeast. They even released a Japanese and English versions of the song to reach a broader fan-base.


I love their dance step. It’s really simple if you really analyze it, but throw in that fabulously bass-abundant music, then you’re rocking the dance floor! This gets me up in the morning. And when I’m commuting on my way to school, I can’t help but move my hips and shoulders a bit as I listen to the song on my phone.


And here’s their official music video. Watch how simple their dance steps are. I love it!