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Happy Fathers’ Day, Tatay!

My family is famous for our inevitable pride. We just feel uncomfortable conveying our emotions.
We’re not the typical family that says “I love you” to each other everyday. But at those rare occasions that we do say it, it comes deep from our hearts. Charot! Haha

Today is father’s day. It’s well expected that I have not greeted my dad yet. I’m just too shy. Hehe. Well, my sister, on the other hand, is somewhat in the mood for mushy things, so she came up with an idea of creating a Fathers’ Day scrapbook for our dad. I can do something like it as well, but I’m too busy updating my iPod. Hehe.
So… my sister is in Cebu and we’re here in Manila, so she can’t give it to our dad personally. My idea was, I would download it into my PSP slim, display it on our TV via A/V cable, and add a bit of father’s day music to it (Song: Friends of St. John – Happy Father’s Day). Hehe!

It worked. It was a bit dramatic, until my mom pulled down my pants. I wasn’t wearing any underpants! OMG! So in the video you would hear me saying, “Bastos,” which means pervert, indecent in english at my mom. Hehe.

Well, I thought my sister would be the only one who’d be all too mushy about this day, but I was wrong. My dad was in the mood to reciprocate emotions today! Haha. Look at these photos:
He kept some of the letters we gave him when we were still young. Aaaaw. I was really touched. And the last one’s really funny. That’s my hand writing, and I thought I was really good at cutting out hearts when I was a kid. I was wrong. I sucked. Haha. That looks like an apple!

That’s it. He may not be the perfect dad, but he’s enough of a father for me. I LOVE YOU!!

(OMG! I’m really crying. Haha.)