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My Dogs Taught Me Proper Eating Habits

Maintaining my ideal body weight has been my problem as far as I can remember. I just can’t develop the discipline to control my eating habits. One day I can say I’ve reached my normal weight, but after a few months, I’d gain it all back — back to zero.

Today, I’ve learned something really interesting from an accidental experiment that happened out of boredom.

Here’s the story:

I’ve got two dogs – Stacie, a Labrador that looks like Andre, the sea lion and Xylo, an ordinary dog that my friend gave me.

This is Stacie, the sea lion. (Haha)
And Xylo, the Albino dog.

Well, this afternoon, I thought of playing with them, and by that I mean grabbing a bag of bread, break it into several pieces, throw it at the dogs, and watch them catch it with their mouths. It’s so funny how talented those dogs are when it comes to food, especially Stacie.

Out of my experiments, I’ve arrived to a conclusion that my dogs represent two types of people in the world – the skinny (Xylo) and the fat (Stacie).

Aside from being really fat, Stacie gets all excited with everything that has something to do with food, like the sound of spoons and fork hitting the plate. Also, when I throw food at her, she doesn’t chew it even once. She just swallows it all up. (Damn, glutton!) And lastly, when she see someone eating, she’ll get jealous and would want to eat as well.

That’s me. I’m sooo Stacie. I’ve got to be more like Xylo.

Xylo, on the other hand, is health conscious, I think. He’s really skinny and when I throw food at him, he takes time to chew it, or sometimes he even keeps it aside for a while and just eats it later because he’s not hungry. He doesn’t get jealous when I feed Stacie. And lastly, he drinks a lot of water.

That’s what we should all be if we want to lose weight. We should not think that food is everything. We should have discipline and proper eating habits, just like Xylo.

Let’s all make Xylo our inspiration to become slim. If an ordinary dog can do it, so can we. We’re humans. Hehe.

So tell me, are you Stacie or Xylo?

Studio Light (Softbox) Photo Test

Below are the photos I’ve taken using my improvised Softbox from my previous post Improvised Studio Light (Softbox)

I placed the softbox at my left side, thus the greater amount of light from my left. To diffuse the light, I used a reflector, improvised as well. It’s just a cardboard covered with aluminum foil to reflect the light from the softbox to prevent having unwanted shadows on the right side.

I held the reflector with my right hand, making sure it reflects the light from the softbox towards my face.

It would be better to have a backdrop, so that it would be easier to crop when processing it using a photo editing software. I didn’t use a backdrop because the photo shoot was just a spontaneous result of extreme boredom.

I used my Canon PowerShot SD1000 digital camera to shoot this photo.

This first photo is the original shot. Light is diffused adequately to prevent over- or under-exposure of the subject.

With a few minor editing using Photoshop, I was able to achieve an almost professional-looking photo.

Soon, I’ll be setting up a mini-studio at home, so watch out for my next do-it-yourself photography projects.

For more do-it-yourself projects on photography, go to

Improvised Studio Light (Softbox)

One of my frustrations, obviously, is photography.

Being skilled in photography can be learned, I believe. But being extremely artistic and unique is something thousands worth of classes couldn’t teach you. And that is the reason I don’t think I could ever get into photography – I’m not artistic enough.

Well, I thought there’s no danger in trying, right? Hehe!

I don’t know what gave me this idea, but I felt that starting with an improvised studio light would jumpstart me into the photography field. (Oh, crazy me.)

So I googled my way into creating my own studio light and I found this great site for starting photographers. has a lot of tutorials to aid our photographers to have a studio of their own. They also give lessons about proper technique, developing film, and a lot of things photographers do. (Duh.)

What I liked about their site is that it has a lot of photos to really guide on what to do and how your project should look like.

Attached are photos of the finished product from the site and my own softbox studio light.

(’s finished softbox)

(And mine!! I’ve got to buy a new bulb, one that professionals really use. hehe)

Of course, mine has to have more photos than theirs. It took me almost 5 hours to finish doing that project! Haha!

God of War: Chains of Olympus [PSP]

For the first time in my 21 years of existence, I’ve finally been able to finish a game from start to end!

From the Family Computer to Sega, from Nintendo to PlayStation one, and until every high-tech game console started coming out like Wii, it was my frustration to finish a game.

Once the going gets tough, I quit and never would I ever attempt to play it again.

But this week was different. I was successful! I’ve put an end to my lame attitude of starting something, but never really get to finishing it.

God of War: Chains of Olympus [PSP] would be an unforgettable game for me. Overall, I would give it a 9.7 (10 as the highest.)

Presentation: 9.5
The story presentation was cool! I’d like to commend the writers for being able to tie Greek mythology with the game as if it’s the really story that’s been written on the books.
Graphics: A staggering 10
This sets the standard for gaming in the PSP. Clear and smooth graphics all throughout the game with awesome visual effects.
Sound: 10
The voiceovers deserve a big hand, and the background music as well. I swear, my heart pounds hard when I hear that kind
of music while playing the game.
Gameplay: 9.0
I’ve played games like this, but it has better graphics and presentation. However, it was a bit short. It only took me less than 8 hours to finish. I so, so love the mini-game play.

Appeal: 10
This game would go a long way. I’m looking forward for the PART TWO!!

Of course, a big thanks to Entertainment Games for their Walkthrough [Click this link to go to the guide]. I can’t do it alone, you know! I needed help, or else, I’d be putting my PSP down and would have slept rather than pissing myself on trying to figure out how to get out of a freaking chapter!

Here are some screenshots from